Domestic Violence

No one need put up with an abusive domestic relationship. The law can help you and give protection to you and your family against an abuser. Our service is aimed at using emergency injunctions and this information is a guideline only. May we remind you to always call 999 if you are in immediate danger.

An “injunction” is a Court Order making someone act or forbidding someone from acting in a certain way. These can be obtained without notice and so the other person will not be aware until the injunction is served on him/her.

There are three most common types of injunction providing protection against domestic violence:-

Non-Molestation Order

This forbids an abuser from using or threatening violence, intimidating, hgarassing or pestering you or your children. It prevents communications with you (if appropriate) and stops the abuser instructing or encouraging others to treat you badly. It is typically granted for 12 months. It is an arrestable offence if the injunction is breached and offers real and immediate protection.

Occupation Order

This regulates the occupation of the family home. It can evict an abuser from the home and suspend the right to occupy or visit. Such an Order can also prevent an abuser from coming within a certain distance of the property. A power of arrest can be added in the event of a breach and so, again, gives good protection.

You can apply against partners and former partners, family relations (including in-laws), someone you live(d) with or a person with whom you have a child(ren).

Prohibited Steps Order

This prevents someone from taking your child(ren) away from your care. This Order is particularly helpful when the person threatening to remove your child(ren) is normally allowed to have care of them from time to time. No power of arrest is attached, but the police will often help informally. The Order is enforceable in a County Court as it is a contempt of Court to break it.

In all cases, if you have received a recent threat of any nature, contact us immediately by telephoning 01452 619008.