About Us

AB Family Law has a different business approach which sets it apart from almost every other law firm in England and Wales. By using hi-end technology our highly experienced team choose their own working environment while seamlessly being able to communicate with clients at all times. The utilisation of an excellent management system and streamlined procedures avoids many of the day-to-day administrative duties which plague modern lawyers.

Consequently, we are able to give more of our time to advising, helping and communicating with clients. You can expect to receive expert and high quality legal advice, the same as in any of the top law firms. The benefit to you is that you do not have to pay towards the high overheads that come with utilising expensive offices. The costs savings are passed on to you in the form of an extremely reasonable and value for money fee structure.

You will find that we provide modern, and very affordable legal services. You can ask us to help you with as much or as little of your matter as you wish. You will only pay for what we do. Do you want help with drafting a divorce petition or with resolving the financial side of your separation/divorce? Do you just want some sound, understanding and focused advice on your legal position? Do you want an experienced, high-quality solicitor to represent you in Court where you have been acting in person? Alternatively, do you want us to deal with the whole case on your behalf? We offer a complete service if you require it. We can deal with any or all of the above to meet your individual circumstances.

Just ask us to help and we will. At all stages, you will receive clear advice on the strategy we recommend. You can be assured the cost of our services will be agreed with you in advance. You have our assurance that we will be committed to resolving your family law problems by negotiation, conciliation and cost-effectively wherever possible. You will receive an individual, bespoke service aimed at getting the best possible outcome.

Your confidentiality will be assured and respected at all times and you can rely on our total discretion.

Adrian N Bressington BA(Hons)(Dunelm)

Alison Williams BSc(Hons) F.Inst.Pa