Divorce Financial Settlement

Often people are more concerned about the financial aspects of a divorce/separation than the divorce/separation itself. When it comes to a Divorce Financial Settlement, you may be worried about how much you will receive or have to pay or how much will all of my divorce/separation cost either in the short or long term.

Having taken time to fully identify and understand your financial position and resources, you will be informed of the available options. These can include maintenance payments to/by you or for your children, payments of a lump sum of money, the transfer or sale of a property and dividing up pensions.

Divorce Financial Settlement Advice

If you are looking for advice regarding a Divorce Financial Settlement, we can help. No two cases are identical. You will benefit from our specialist legal knowledge and expertise to apply the law to the unique facts of your case. It is always better to try to achieve a settlement by negotiation but if this proves impossible, you may need to commence Court proceedings. We will advise, guide and act for you until your case is concluded.

You will be given a realistic assessment of your case and what would be a fair and sensible conclusion. We are totally focused on helping you to have reasonable expectations and to obtain the best and most sensible outcome for you.

40 Years Experience in Divorce Financial Settlement

In particular, cases involving complex marital assets, family businesses or high value pensions can be a legal minefield. Merriman Solicitors incorporating has over 40 years experience in its team of providing excellent specialist advice in such areas.

If you would like to speak to an advisor about a Divorce Financial Settlement, get in touch with a member of our team today.